Graduation Day Dressing in 5 Easy Steps

25 Mar

Graduation day is one of the most celebrated milestones in a person’s life. And, like every other milestone, when it comes to celebrating it – a lot of things can go wrong and ruin the planned for precious moments.

To prepare for this…

…here are a few steps you can take to make your graduation celebration an event to remember.

Step 1: Decide on your graduation look early.

Don’t wait until you’re pressed for time to decide on how you would like to look on graduation day. Decide on the dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup, and whether you’re going to get your nails done or not.


When it comes to your overall look, you can avoid potentially awkward moments by checking with your school, your parents, and whoever else that has a say on what you should wear, on what is appropriate.

Step 2: Buy the dress.

Besides being appropriate for the occasion, you need to consider a dress that would be a good match for your toga! Also take into account the venue (Indoors? Outdoors? Air-conditioned? ). Graduation ceremonies aren’t exactly brief. You would want to be comfortable throughout the duration of the program.

Don’t forget to bring pins! Togas can billow in the wind and that would be nice if you were a ship set to sail off into the horizon. If not, you may end up really busy just keeping your toga in place.9_1227070584111908[1]

Step 3: Get the right shoes.

Get shoes that you can walk, stand, sit and pose in for hours without having to endure a lot of pain! You want to be able enjoy the moment – not suffer through it!

Another thing to remember is that, when wearing your cap and gown, the only thing that can be seen of your whole getup at that time will be your shoes … so, do put your best shoes forward.


Step 4: Book your appointment for hair, make-up and nails.

The beauty salons are packed, and I mean packed, during graduation month. It’s even more worrying to think that the better their reputation at prettying you up, the more packed they can get.
To avoid stressing yourself out a few hours before your graduation, make sure you have booked an appointment with your preferred hairdresser and makeup artist beforehand.

Step 5: Top off your getup with your favorite scent!

Wear your favorite fragrance and feel like you’re flying on pixie dust or running through a field of flowers. Or, whatever it is that makes you feel good, summon it with a soft mist bursting out of your perfume or cologne bottle.

A word of caution: this has been said before but needs to be said over and over again – do not smell like you have showered or washed your clothes in your perfume.

Now that you know the steps to getting that perfect graduation look, please share with us if you have incorporated hosiery in your graduation style!

Also, we will be giving you more graduation day tips, tricks and insights in our upcoming blog posts so do keep on the lookout for them.

For tips on how to party on graduation night, read our post on 5 tips for fun, safe partying on TGF nights .


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