3 Hosiery Dos and Don’ts

26 Feb



1. Do wear sheer and nude-colored pantyhose for a classy, professional look! When in doubt, check out pictures of the very elegant Duchess of Windsor, Kate Middleton.

2.  Do choose plain, opaque or black tights with a subtle vertical line on them for a slimmer look!   

3. For easy to match hosiery, do go for patterns that are more compact and discreet!


1. Don’t play “how short can you go?” with your hemline just because you’re wearing tights. If your dress is too short without tights, they’re still to short with tights on.

2.  Don’t mistake tights or leggings for jeans! If you must wear them with a top, it’s usually best to pair it with tops that are long enough to cover your bum and the front area right opposite it.

3. Distressed hosiery, just like distressed jeans, can make you look… well… distressed. Unless you’re a rock star or (at the very least) rock star-ish,  hosiery with huge, gaping holes in them are not likely to look cool on you. So, it’s a “Don’t”.

Bonus Tip: Dos and Don’ts are meant as a general guide! So DO experiment with you whatever looks best on you and DON’T forget to enjoy fashion as a means to express yourself!


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